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6 Reasons Men Share Nude Photos Of Women Without Their Consent

Here are just six of the reasons I’ve heard from men who choose to post revenge porn online:

1. To show off to other men (and himself) what a stud the guy is.

He not only got this hot girl to have sex with him, but she let him film it. This is sometimes called “candaulism,” after Greek King Candaules who showed off his naked wife to an advisor Gyges, and then lost his kingdom to Gyges when the wife found out.

2. To get revenge on a woman for breaking up with him and hurting his feelings.

To avoid admitting he has feelings — and then having to deal with them — a man lashes out and tries to take her down a peg. Some men cross extreme lines by “doxxing” their victim, meaning they find and post her name and other identifying information online along with the photos.

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