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6 Reasons Rebound Relationships Are Horrible Freaking Idea

rebound relationships

Rebound Relationships – Step AWAY from the man drugs.

After a breakup, have you ever had a well-meaning friend say something like: “You should just be single for awhile”? Have you ever dated a rebound?

When all you want is to either get back with your ex or to have a relationship with someone new, those words grate like nails on a chalkboard. It can feel like the ONLY thing that you want is to fill the void.

As downright irritating as the statement “you should just be single for awhile” is, I’m going to explain why avoiding a rebound relationship is the BEST thing that you can do for yourself in the wake of a breakup.

Here are some REAL reasons you should stay single for a while:

1. The new relationship timeline will be all out of whack.

Rebound relationships follow an unnatural timeline. Since the recently broken up person hasn’t had the opportunity to be single, their “in a relationship” behavior simply transfers over to the new person. Without courtship, there isn’t a sense of newness or mystery, and it’s a mistake because it’s often a huge turn-off to the other person.

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