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6 Smart Ways To Check If An Image Is Photoshopped Or Real

There are thousands of pictures online now that you find it difficult to determine if they are fake or original. No thanks to Photoshop.

You can now magically combine two different photographs and make it appear as an authentic photo. Unfortunately, the people who do this don’t think about the consequences of their actions as it can cause a serious uproar.

Since this is the case the in this tech-savvy world, it is essential to know if a photo has been tweaked, edited or tampered with. Below are some smart ways to check the authenticity of a photo.

1.     Look at the BackgroundImage result wey dey for photoshop fails

A photoshopped image always has a loophole no matter how perfect it appears. If you closely observe the background, you will see that there is something wrong with the picture. If the picture looks too curved or bent, then the image has been manipulated. There is no way an original photo will look that way.

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