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6 Things To Stop Doing NOW If You Want Happy, Healthy Relationships

“Where am I going wrong?” is a question I get all the time from women struggling with dating in the digital age.

Ghosting, swiping and shifting ways to DTR (define the relationship) are making a lot of women feel stressed out and frustrated. Getting it wrong in the dating world, however, does not mean you are failing at something, but you are probably limiting yourself to many possibilities that could open doors to happy, healthy relationships.

There are certain actions and behaviors women are in the habit of doing — usually without even knowing it — that are blocking them from having great dates, meeting new people and maybe even finding love.

The upside of this is that you don’t have to rely on anyone else. You can simply change a few of your bad habits.

Here are SIX of the dating behaviors that are thwarting you from actually finding that ideal relationship.

1. Saying NO more than YES

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If you’ve ever been told “Maybe you’re just too picky,” then this tip is for you. Being somewhat picky can be a good thing when exploring deal breakers and boundaries, however, you also need to date a wide range of people to be sure what those deal breakers and boundaries are.

So, he’s not your type looks-wise, but what about meeting a nice, funny guy for a drink? You might soon realize that humor and kindness can be just as sexy as pure physical attraction. A great guy who makes you laugh can also be a fantastic partner and date. Say yes to more dates and respond to more hellos. It’s not a marriage proposal, just a few hours out of your life that might benefit you in the long run, one way or another.

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