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6 Tiny Tweaks That’ll Help You Lose Weight Without Even Trying


Lose Weight – Believe it or not—and you should!—it is possible to shed extra weight without taking drastic measures. “Often it’s the little things you do that make a big difference in your effort to get back in shape and stick with the lifestyle changes you’ve adopted,” says exercise scientist Ellington Darden, Ph.D.,

Here, Darden shares some of his favorite ways to lose weight and keep it off. Adopt these mini moves over the next several months and see serious results:


small weight loss changes for major results

You do everything with your best friends­—go shopping, eat lunch, even go to the bathroom—so why not shape up together? “Research shows that accountability keeps people on track,” says Darden.  “If you work out with a partner, you’re less likely to blow off an exercise session.” He recommends going to the gym together, texting each other often, and sharing your challenges and setbacks along the way.

Can’t find a workout buddy? Darden says that camaraderie can come from social media, too. “When the Body Fat Breakthrough program began in February 2012, all 65 participants joined an online community, which helped many of them maximize their fat-loss and muscle-gain results,” he says. The members of his program used Facebook to ask each other questions, share recipes, and discuss their progress.

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