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6 Ways Radically Accepting Your Partner Will TRANSFORM Your Relationship

Here’s how embracing radical acceptance can positively influence your relationships:

1. There’s less drama.

Asking someone to change a bad habit once is called “a request.” Asking more than once is called “nagging,” no matter how politely you’re approaching the subject. Nagging leads to resentments, resentments lead to repeated arguments, and the same arguments over and over are called “drama.”

By learning to accept someone’s flaws, you subconsciously make the decision to stop nagging, which nips this whole downward spiral in the bud.

2. There’s less stress.

Less drama automatically equals less stress to begin with, but it’s also important to note that deciding not to waste your time or energy on worry is also giving yourself a break from stress. When you decide not to sweat the small stuff, you take the burden of worry from yourself — in addition to all the complications of trying to get your partner to listen and change.

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