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6 Ways To Seamlessly Handle Your In-Laws

So how do we navigate the waters of prior perspectives, beliefs, teachings, and past experiences without losing our own values, beliefs, and self-worth? How do we deal with in-laws without losing ourselves in the process?

1. Limit your expectations.

Expectations put pressure on reality to be perfect, and when reality doesn’t deliver we feel like failures. Therefore, it is important to let go of how things, events, or relationships should look like and do what is good for you.

Traditions have their place but when they don’t work for you and your circumstances, modify and incorporate them to the best of your ability.

2. Be curious and open-minded.

The best way to go about getting to know people is asking open-ended questions that start with what, how, and when. You give the person a chance to respond to you without coming across as judgmental. You get the opportunity to learn more about their point of view.

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything you learn, but it can make you understand where they come from. Plus, it shows interest in them as a person.

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