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7 Career Conversations Good Bosses Have With Their Employees on a Regular Basis You Should Know Today

Look, I get it, nobody is perfect, and even the best managers struggle to be “on” all the time when it comes to being the best boss ever.

But one of the easiest ways to instantly improve your relationship with your own direct reports (and your overall team morale) is through communication—simple, I know.

But trust me, as someone on the other end of this communication (or lack thereof), making an effort can be the difference between a hard-working and engaged superstar and someone who’s just collecting a paycheck.

You can improve your own communication by having these seven conversations with your direct reports every week, month, and quarter:


Whether you have formal check-ins or informal meetings throughout the week with your employees, make sure you’re asking the following:

1. “How Are You?”

This should probably fall under the “every day” category, but for the sake of reality and busy schedules let’s say you do this at least once a week.

Make sure you’re not just asking your employees how they’re doing but actually expressing interest in their reponse. This means reading between the lines and understanding when something bigger is simmering below the surface of their answer. It means asking follow-up questions if something feels off (or even just when something feels important to the person, like a good friend visiting for the weekend). And it means getting to know what else is going on in their life that may or may not be affecting their work.

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