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7 CRUCIAL Questions To Ask When You’re On The Verge Of Breaking Up

One really common question that I get often is, “How do I know when I should break up with someone?” or its variation… “I really love this person but how do I know if something is a deal breaker?”

Without a well-rounded perspective on what your relationship is really like, whether you should stay or go is my best guess — and you deserve better than that.

Frankly, whether to dump him or lean in is one of the most difficult decisions that anyone ever has to make, so if you’re going through this, I know how tough it must be.

Here are seven questions that you must ask yourself before deciding it’s time to leave:

1. Are your long-term goals and values compatible?

Do your life goals mesh? Do you have similar values? If you want to travel the world and don’t particularly love children, but your partner wants the white picket fence and 2.5 kids, that’s a pretty large chasm to bridge between the two of you. Same goes for religion, politics and anything else you feel really strongly about.


2. Is he honest and faithful?

Honesty and respect are key for a successful long-term relationship. If you’re struggling with serious dishonesty from your partner about big things (not silly white lies meant to spare your feelings), you’ve got a problem on your hands.

If you’ve built a solid foundation for your relationship, you’ve got much more to work with. As a friendly side note: wide-reaching dishonesty isn’t likely to get better over time, so if you’re hoping that he’ll turn it around, I’ve got some bad news for you…

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