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7 ‘Golden Rules’ To Keep You From Being A Clingy Girlfriend

Here are my 7 key ways to avoid being a clingy girlfriend in a relationship:


1. Let the other person pick up the ball on occasion.


Are you the one initiating contact every time? Do you do it frequently? Even if you’re excited about a new relationship, pull back a little and let them come to you. Don’t go overboard and start ignoring them, quite the contrary. When it comes to communication, make sure you aren’t flooding your beloved’s inbox only to receive a trickle in return.


2. Follow your passions.


Over and over again, people tell me that they’re looking for a partner who has serious interests outside a relationship. So many people make someone else “their world” and this is frankly, a huge mistake. Falling in love with your own life means searching for your own job fulfillment, pursuing your own hobbies and goals and not sacrificing any of it when someone new pops into your life.


3. Don’t neglect YOUR people or force your lover to neglect theirs.

Say it with me: “I will NOT neglect my friends or family for my relationship and I will not get possessive of my partner’s private time with their people.” Keep space in your life for people other than your partner and vice versa. Vow to never, ever blow your friends off to hang out with someone new.

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