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7 Little Things You Do That KILL Your Chances With Him

Imagine you have been chatting with a guy you really like on one of the dating sites.

He is attractive, has a nice sense of humor, a wicked smile, seems to be witty and, most importantly, is genuinely interested in you.

Finally, he asks to see you in person!

You put on your new dress and meet him at the hip bar you keep hearing about for a real date.

And here he is! Just as good, and even better, than you thought.

You have a few drinks, chat, laugh at his jokes, and it seems like you both enjoy yourself.

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You hum all the way home, and can’t wait to see him again.

But the next day he doesn’t call or even text.

You can’t wait anymore, and by the evening text him. His response is delayed and cold.

After that, he is gone. Completely. Without a trace.

You ask yourself the question so many women ask themselves in that situation: What could have gone so wrong?

This question bothers many of my clients, and I hear accounts of the first dates gone wrong from both sides.

As a result of my observations and surveying my male clients, I’ve come up with this list of 7 things that women do during the first date that turn the guys off.

Because once you know what might be turning guys off, you can make some simple changes that will help your next first date go much better!


  1. Complaining about anything and everything.

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You may not even notice it.

It may be such a natural thing for you to express how the service in the bar is slow or inefficient, how the place is too cold or too warm, how the same cocktail you had in a different bar tasted so much better.

And then moving into complaining about your messy roommate, about your over demanding mother,  about a stupid paper you have to write for your finals.

Girls! It is time to realize that guys do not like complainers.

He was probably nodding but thinking: “Gosh! If she is complaining about everything on our first date, then what will be in a month if we continue seeing each other? Run!”


  1. Constantly checking your phone and exchanging texts with other people while you are talking with him.


It does not really matter if you are chatting with your sister, checking your Facebook, or responding to messages from another guy.

He probably couldn’t care less.

It is simply impolite, bordering on rude, not to give him your complete undivided attention, especially if you are seeing him for the first time.

It seems to your guy that meeting him is just one of many things that occupy your mind, and he may not be your priority.

And that is an unpleasant thought for his ego! For anyone’s really!

Don’t make him feel number twelve or thirty-five, when we should all feel like number one on a date!

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