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7 Places To Have Sex In The Office

Sex in the office can be incredibly hot – whether your partner is a co-worker or your current flame just stopping by. There’s something super sexy about having sex at work – even if it’s just a little foreplay before you head home for the real deal. Here’s how to get it on in the workplace.

1. On A Desk

Of course, having sex on a desk at the office is cliche – but it’s really fun! If you’re having sex with the boss, doing it on the boss’s desk is even naughtier. If not, any desk will suffice. Find a desk hidden away in a conference room or in a cubicle in the corner of the room to avoid getting caught. Bonus points if you actually throw all of the stuff off the desk first in one sweep of your arm!


2. Against The Filing Cabinet

This can actually be a great way to hide from your co-workers if you can find a little nook created by a few filing cabinets. Doing it up against a filing cabinet is super sexy because it’s impromptu – and has an air of naughtiness to it. Just make sure you’re not having sex up against the side of the filing cabinet that has the handles. Ouch!

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