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7 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Be With A Man Who Doesn’t Go Down on You

2017 is the year of the clit. It’s time, everyone. Oral sex makes the world go ’round. Or, at least, it makes your eyes roll around to the back of your head. It’s passionate, it’s selfless, and it is absolutely needed in relationships.

On both sides, mind you. Everyone should be getting some oral sex in a relationship. It’s the spice of life, y’all.

Now, don’t get salty on me when I say things, but it has to be said. No guy worth dating doesn’t give head. This is not up for discussion. This is not a debatable theory I am putting up for scrutiny. No. This is an empirical fact.

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Here are 7 reasons why you should never, ever date a guy who won’t go down on you.

1. A guy who doesn’t go down is selfish.

If you’re not going to go down on me, who would I ever go down on you? A guy who isn’t willing to give you head is a selfish lover and a selfish person. Going down on a woman is what real men do. It’s so beyond unacceptable to think that you don’t have an obligation to make a woman come.

Two in three women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. That is not an easy prospect through penetrative sex alone. For many of us, oral sex is the only time we can have an orgasm. If you’re depriving me of an orgasm, you can really hit the road. It says a lot more about you than it does about me.


2. It’s also a self-esteem thing.

We live in a world where women are told on a daily basis that their vaginas are gross, weird, or need changing. We’re told to primp, trim, wash, scrub, and wax our vaginas on every platform, in various forms of media. We’re bombarded with the 411 that we are not good enough.

It takes a LOT, and I do mean A LOT, of self-love, reevaluation, sometimes even therapy to finally understand our own self-worth. Meanwhile, men are told that every single thing they do and say is perfect. They are reassured that they hung the stars.

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