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7 Reasons You’re TERRIFIED Of Commitment

When you find someone you care about, do you take the opportunity to make a commitment with them?

If you’re not in a relationship and you want one, you can make a commitment to yourself to understand why you are not in one.

Here are 7 things that keep people from committing to a relationship. Which, if any, apply to you?

1. I am afraid I may choose the wrong person.

What if I don’t really love this person?

What if there is someone better around the corner? What if I am being used or manipulated for sex, money, citizenship, etc?

What if I find out later that my partner has some big secret they are hiding?

2. I am afraid of giving up my freedom.

What if l have to give up something important, like nights out with my girlfriends or golf with my buddies?

The relationship will become stifling and not fulfilling.

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