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7 Seriously BIZARRE Things You Never Knew About His Penis

We size them up a lot, but for all the attention guys get for what they’re packing below the belt, it turns out most of us still know pretty much nada about the penis.

So in the spirit of ever-growing our knowledge about sexual organs, we’ve rounded up seven seriously weird facts about penises.

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(And believe us, you’ll never look at one the same way again …)

1. Penises used to have hard spikes.

But guys lost them before we — as homo sapiens — evolved from Neanderthals. Scientists speculate that the penile spine helped quicken the time it took for a man to get an erection since it’s commonly found in promiscuous species like mice and monkeys.

Researchers from Stanford University in California found that we lost this molecular mechanism from our primate ancestors eons ago.

It’s all about survival, right?


2. The “seam” on a penis used to be a labia.

Remember how we all start out as females in utero? One of the remnants from a man’s few weeks as a fetal female is the “seam” on the underside of his penis.

In women, that seam becomes the inner lips of the vagina.

But in men, that seam encloses the urethra along the length of the penis.

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