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7 Signs You’re A Control Freak

Signs You're A Control Freak

Signs You’re A Control Freak – Time to make a change.

While a healthy relationship entails mutual respect for each partner, some tend to project a more “in charge and in control” demeanor, sometimes without even realizing.

Often, people mistake their control issues with being “decisive”—two behaviors that are totally different. If you’re decisive, your partner can negotiate and compromise with you; but if you’re controlling, you want things done your way, irrespective of everything (and everyone) else.

If you’re not exercising fairness and equality in your relationship, chances are that it will lead to an unhealthy partnership or a breakup, so it’s important to identify warning signs before they escalate into a problem.

Here are seven clear signs you’re being controlling in your relationship:

1. You fail to give attention.

Sometimes relationships can become rocky if you project yourself as the no-nonsense type. Your partner may fail to give the response you want, however hard you push them. You stay numb and decline attention until they comply with what you want or need. Don’t think you’re a winner here—this type of behavior shows you’re being controlling.

If you need some calm before you speak, let your partner know you need time; but, keeping silence or failing to give attention will foster an unhealthy relationship.

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