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7 Simple Tips To Become A Smartphone Typing Guru

When you see some persons typing with their smartphone, they are very slow. Their slowness can be compared with that of a snail. Meanwhile, there are others, you see their hands conveniently sliding from one alphabet to another and before you know it, they are done sending that text, WhatsApp, Facebook or BBM message.

You will be tempted to ask how they type so fast! No, please don’t ask. These tips should help you become a typing expert just like your friend. You can even be better!

Identify a typing position that works for youImage result wey dey for smartphone typing guru

One thing you should do first is to find the best typing position that sooth you. If you are able to identify that position, it will be very easy for you to type fast. In addition, some people prefer to type with their phones either horizontally while others prefer vertically. You should decide the one you are comfortable with.

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