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7 Surprising Things That Happen When You Spend Too Much Time Alone

I am an introvert.

In order for me to be at my best, I require chunks of time where I am alone.

This doesn’t mean I avoid people, this doesn’t mean I don’t like going out. Actually, it’s quite the opposite!

But where some people find social outings and constant activity restorative, I find a lot of draining and need time to myself (outside of just sleep) to really feel like myself again.

All of that said, there is a difference between being an introvert and being a person who spends too much time alone.

In the same way, being lonely is very different from being alone.

Getting time to be alone is crucial to almost every single person and definitely has its benefits.

But being lonely or alone too much takes a real toll on the body, heart, and mind.

Here are 7 major affects of loneliness.
1. You talk to yourself.

When there is no one around you to talk to, you are going to talk to yourself. Humans are social; we have voices that we communicate with, and whether or not there is anyone around to share our thoughts with, we tend to want to share them anyway.

There’s no harm in this game. When it becomes a problem is when you start talking to your pets and waiting for them to talk back. That’s never good.

2. Pants become permanently optional.

When you are at home, clothing is optional.

Spend enough time at home all on your lonesome and you will quickly discover that pants aren’t optional, they are evil.

This can make ever putting them on in order to leave the house challenging as hell. Trust me.

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