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7 Telltale Signs Your Smartphone Has A Virus

As far as you use your phone to surf the internet, it is vulnerable to being infected by a virus. However, quite a large number of people are unconscious of this as they download anything and everything.

Unfortunately for them, they do not have any form of protection or antivirus. Hence, some do not know if their smartphone is infected or not.

Read on to discover the signs your smartphone has a virus. A virus can destroy your phone and your sensitive information may be stolen.

Increased mobile phone chargesImage result wey dey for Smartphone Has A Virus

You did not subscribe to anything from your service provider but your phone credit is being deducted almost every second. In fact, you called them to complain but they are unaware of such deductions. This means a malicious app is removing your credit to make fake phone calls and send text messages.

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