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7 Things You Do On Social Media That RUIN Your Reputation

1. You use selfies as professional profile photos.

Everyone knows someone who can take a photo for us, and if you’re looking to come off as a professional, it makes sense to pay for a shoot with a professional photographer. Save the selfies for Snapchat and post a polished shot instead.

2. You let your mood dictate your posts.
If you’re mad at your ex, a client or a colleague, keep it offline.

3. You aren’t careful about what you post on other pages.

Beware: Innocent comments can come off creepy (and even scary). An editor I know once posted “It looks like the ___ dance studio on 34th street” on the account of a dancer who was excited to show off her new moves. The Instagram account holder owner was rightfully alarmed that a stranger was not only pinpointing where she was but sharing it with her followers.

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