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The 7 Types Of Sex Men Secretly Hate

types of sex men secretly hate

Types Of Sex Men Secretly Hate – Who knew? When it comes to sex, you’ll be hard pressed to convince a man to say anything other than positive things about his favorite recreational pastime. And who can blame him? In the immortal words of Rufio, sex is ‘bangarang’. It’s the most fun you can have without pants on (that isn’t a luau).

But if you press them, most men will admit that there are some sex positions that just aren’t their cup of sexy, sexy tea.

Sure, you love the idea of having sex in a rotating cage, Motley Crue style, but to him that sounds frankly, not a little bit confusing, plus he’s easily threatened by Tommy Lee (and who can blame him for that?)

Some sex positions, well guys just think they are a little bit overrated when it comes to the old fashioned bump and grind. Here are five examples of sex positions men actually hate.

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