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7 Ways The HAPPIEST Couples Fight (And Actually Grow STRONGER)

Let’s take a look at a few useful tactics that couples use to disagree in ways that help grow their relationship:

1. One way to manage conflict in a positive way is to approach it, rather than avoid it.

Couples must not allow issues or concerns to go un-addressed, causing them to become angry and resentful.

Those who successfully navigate conflict will talk about what the issues are, and do it in such a way as not to blame one another for how they feel or what they think.

They take responsibility for their own feelings and thoughts, and talk about how they feel related to the situation at hand.

Conversation is brought forth as soon as they are able, so as not to allow it to fester and become a bigger issue — or become an issue that is brought up over and over again.


2. Managing conflict means that couples will fight or disagree about things until they are resolved.

This may mean that they “fight” often, in order to reach a resolution.


3. When healthy couples disagree, they do not call each other names or become disrespectful if they want to manage conflict.

They consider the other person’s feelings and thoughts when they speak, so as to not put them down or belittle them.

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