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7 Ways To Be Incredibly Sexy (Even When You’re Feeling Blah)

We all go through those days—we feel blah, tired, and anything but sexy. It may be body image, it may be exhaustion, work, stress, or just about anything —but sexy is a state of mind, and sometimes, our mind just isn’t there. Sometimes feeling sexy (especially during sex) is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. We can be a goddess in the bedroom, and everywhere else. And we’re going to feel smarter, sexier and a whole lot more confident while we’re at it.

Feeling sexy is not just about someone else thinking you are sexy. It’s about an inner confidence, how you carry yourself, and how you walk through every action of your day—from sexy time to that sway of your hips as you walk down the street. Obviously, we have a lot going on other than playing the vixen, but we can still let our sexy sense of self shine, in everything we do. It’s all in the little things we do, each and every day.

So sit back and flip through our 7 easy tips to feel sexier each day. Prepare yourself. Your every day routine is about to go up a few fiery notches!


1. Clear your head

Employ mental triggers throughout your daily life. For instance, every time you walk through a doorway, remind yourself that you are a confident, sexy person. Or every time you get in your car tell yourself that you will succeed today because when you look great you do great, etc. Constantly be telling yourself that you are perfect and you will eventually believe it yourself


2. Be interesting

Wear attractive, but interesting clothing – something that reflects who you are. If you like travel, for example, wear a shirt, scarf, tie or jewelry from another country, or wear something that reflects your ethnic background, or a hobby (sports, the outdoors, a Hawaiian-type shirt with surfboards, gardening implements or an animal print). It will help start conversations

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