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7 Weird African Customs And Traditions You Didn’t Know Existed

There are said to be as many as one hundred “uncontacted tribes” still living in some of the most isolated regions of the world. It is interesting to note that in the civilized society we supposedly live in today, some of these tribes practice certain traditions that will leave shock the world. Here are seven tribes from across Africa with mouth dropping customs.

1. Massai Tribe of Kenya:

A Massai man drinking blood

The Massai tribe is found in Kenya and Tanzania and two of their customs make them enter this list of strange African tribes. The first is their greeting, member of the tribes spit as a way of saying hello. While the English man would say hello, a Yoruba man prostrate, spitting is a way of greeting. Aside playing the role of greeting, when a baby is born, it is the custom of the men to spit on the newborn and refer to him as bad, they believe this would protect the baby from evil spirits. It is the belief of the people that if a baby is praised, then it is cursed. Maasai warriors also spit in their hands before shaking the hand of an elder. Furthermore, the Massai tribe is also famous for its drinking of fresh animal blood.

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