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8 Questions To Ask If You’re Not Sure Whether To Let Go Or Work Harder

Many times we get to a point in our relationship when we wonder if we want to keep on trying or if it’s too late and we need to move on.

So, how do we know? Here are some questions that might help you answer the question: Should I keep working on my relationship?:

1. Do you love each other?

This is a crucial question and it is not always so easy to answer. So many people say, “I love my spouse, but I’m not in love anymore”.

Can we fall in love again? Do you even want to? Sometimes we get numb because we are so hurt or we have been so disconnected that we got used to not feeling.

Many times we have been simply going through emotions because we want to keep our family together, or we don’t want to hurt our children. It is important to recognize that being numb is different from not feeling.

It is important that you recognize that within you and your partner within him/herself.

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