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8 Reasons Women Secretly HATE When Guys Have A Big Penis

Here are 8 reasons why you might want a guy with a normal size package.

1. It hurts — seriously.
Let’s face it: He may be Mr. Right Now and not Mr. Right, so ask yourself if surviving his extremely large member is worth the pain. Should the night end with a toe curl and leg quiver? Or a numb va-jay-jay? You decide.

2. Because you can never be sure if that cute guy that caught your eye at the bar is um . . . carrying a large sized package.
There should be a law against carrying a concealed sexy weapon (i.e. 12-inches or more) in your boxers, right? Or at least some kinda infraction that makes it illegal to show up at girls’ night out looking for unsuspecting single ladies. Boy, bye.

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