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8 Simple Everyday Habits To Maintain Healthy Cartilage. #3 is funny and #6 is weird

You probably know all about keeping your bones healthy. You might be making sure to get enough vitamin D and calcium, as well as getting plenty of exercise. But did you know there’s more to your bones than just… well, the bone?

Most of the focus on bone health and density is to keep bone diseases like osteoporosis at bay, but there are many other issues than can slow us down and make everyday activities difficult and painful as we get older. To keep a spring in your step and make sure your body stays youthful and strong, you also have to take care of what’s between your bones.

We’re talking about cartilage, of course. This is the soft, bendable stuff that makes up your nose and ears, as well as your rib cage and bronchial tubes. But it also appears at the ends of bones and aids in smooth and comfortable movement. When it gets damaged or eroded, you get stiffness and aches associated with arthritis.

Luckily, there are a lot of simple things you can do to keep your cartilage strong and healthy, and even help your body make more of it! Because cartilage and bone are so closely intertwined, many of these practices will also help with bone health, too. Think of it as a bonus!

What Does Cartilage Do?

What Does Cartilage Do?

Besides giving shape to your ears and nose, cartilage also acts as a pad or cushion at the ends of bones where they connect in joints. The cartilage allows your joints to move smoothly and easily.

However, over time and with strenuous activity, this cartilage can become damaged and wear away. The result is arthritis, which is characterized by aches, stiffness, and swelling. Pain relievers and supplements are usually used to treat this disorder, as is surgery in extreme cases.

Cartilage wears down as we age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep it healthy and even encourage new cartilage development. And it’s easy to do!

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