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8 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Trying WAY Too Hard In Your Relationship

We’ve ALL been there. Those times when we bring our A-game and work SO hard to make sure our S.O. stay interested.

When we’re young and in new relationships, it’s understandable that you want to make things work, so we put in as much effort as needed to make them love us. But the older we get, the more mature our thinking needs to be. At some point, we have to stop working so hard for our relationships and focus on having confidence in ourselves and boosting our own self-worth.

I’m here to remind you that if you know you’re acting oppositional to what your heart and gut are telling you, and you know you’re fighting really hard for something that seems so one-sided, something needs to change.

Nobody is sitting here telling you that you should give up on somebody. However, if you’ve noticed that you are trying extra hard and receiving close to NOTHING in return except for a broken heart and a crushed ego, please take note.

YOU are the one that is trying WAAAY too hard in the relationship, and you should either reevaluate the relationship itself (is this REALLY a two-way street?), or simply take three steps back.

So if you’re wondering “is he taking advantage of me,” here are 8 tell-tale signs that you’re trying too hard in your relationship:

1. You’re ALWAYS the one to make plans.

If you’re constantly the one to hit them up and initiate seeing each other, stop. The drill for this is to stop, sit back and do NOTHING.

If he/she doesn’t seem to initiate any plans or text you first after, I’m going to take it upon myself to assume one of two things. Either the whole relationship was in your head and they’re actually just your friend, or they treat you like absolute shit.

I’m going to go with the ladder.

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