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9 Lies Cheats Tell To Throw You Off Their Scent

Perhaps you feel uneasy about what happens in your love’s life when you’re not around and you’re noticing some behavior that seems like signs he’s cheating:

    1. He doesn’t want you to see who he’s texting.
    2. He’s uber-territorial about his computer.
    3. He doesn’t want you just “dropping by” without calling first.
    4. He accuses you of snooping when you’re looking for the stapler on his desk.
    5. He cancels plans at the last minute for no good reason.
    6. He’s defensive and angry when you ask about his schedule.
    7. He has a new “friendship” with someone you haven’t met that and he won’t introduce you.
    8. He’s distant and distracted in bed.


Finally, you muster the courage to ask him what’s wrong. Is he seeing someone else? And this is when he goes on the offensive. He begins to lie about who you are and what you’re doing.

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