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9 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Throw Away Spoiled Milk

It’s the worst: you go to grab some milk for your morning coffee or to accompany some delicious cookies, but when you open the carton, the smell hits you — that unmistakable smell that tells you the milk has been sitting in the fridge for a little too long.

So not only do you not have milk, but now you have to toss all that milk. All that food, just going to waste. Such a shame.

Stop! You don’t have to toss it out. After all, not too long ago, people were stretching their food, clothing, and other items to make them last as long as possible without wasting anything, including their spoiled milk. Food waste is a huge problem these days, which is damaging to both the environment and to humans.

If you want to reduce waste just a little bit (and every little bit counts!), don’t just pour your turned milk down the drain.

Instead, take a cue from the past with these clever and frugal ways to turn spoiled milk into something great.

First, know what kind of milk you’re dealing with.

If you’re using pasteurized milk, like the kind most commonly found in supermarkets, be sure that the milk your using is just a bit off, still at the point when it’s too icky to drink plain or put in coffee, but before it gets really bad.

If it’s started to separate and you can see lumps, or if the color’s changed, unfortunately it’s too late and there’s nothing to be done.

If you’re using raw or unpasteurized milk, you don’t have to catch it as quickly, and you can actually use it for much longer. Raw milk turns into a thick substance called clabber, which can be used for all sorts of things.

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