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9 Secret Mantras Sexy Women Use To Make Men Want Them

All their lives, women have the concept of beauty shoved down their throats, stopping just short of teaching you sexiness as part of an academic curriculum. Understandably, all of this is a bitter pill to swallow.

Society tells everyone with a uterus that sexy is external, a tangible item measured by cup size and good looks. But society, it turns out, is full of lies.

From a financial standpoint, it is beneficial to perpetuate these lies. Society teaches you to chase beauty, spend money, forever buying products that make you thinner, prettier, leading you to believe you will land or keep a man, convincing you that being forty is synonymous with being elderly and you must do something drastic about it.

In other words, beauty is big business. It’s a lucrative business. But it’s also a business with a shaky foundation.

Of course, breaking away from the business of beauty is easier said than done. Magazines, television, billboards are all plagued with one subliminal message: “If you’re not super pretty, then you super suck.” But the day you realize that this “beauty myth” is a lie is the day your true beauty and true sexy energy starts to shine.

The fables of Aesop, After School Specials, the ending of almost every movie ever made points to this same idea: it’s the inside that counts. But hearing the message isn’t enough. If it was, every woman would have inner confidence regardless of her exterior appearance.

However, repeating certain mantras over and over again until your belief in them becomes second nature can help you see beauty in a different light and, as a result, see yourself in a brighter one.

Here are 9 mantras that unlock how to be sexy, the type of sexy that truly counts:

1. “I am a catch and I will settle for nothing less than a partner who reflects my brilliance.”

2. “I deserve to experience love and profound pleasure.”

3. “I courageously open my heart and stand for my desire.”

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