5 Ways to spot a man who wants more than sex from you

There are guys who just want to smash and run away, and there are other guys who want more than that.

As we have already said here, the difference between these men is mostly timing. One is likely at a phase of his life where sexual activities are all he craves, without any form of commitment whatsoever. For the other, there’s a need for something deeper, something more lasting, deeper and more meaningful than just sex.

When a guy comes around and lingers and you’re not sure whether he’s seeking just sex or he wants more than that, these are the hints you should look out for:

1. Takes time to learn about you

His texts will not be limited to those annoying WYD inquiries. He will be interested in knowing about you and he’ll ask the relevant questions with the aim of unraveling you, becoming intimate you in a way that exceeds the visceral connection of sex.

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