7 things you must not do after a breakup

Heartbreaks and breakups are  hardly ever good to anyone. But of course, these things happen even to the best people.

When the ball drops and wrecks those hearts, people often go through all the motions – shock, anger, apologies, tears, remorse, rage, blame, acceptance and eventually, resignation.

Between the moment of the break up till when you finally accept the reality, a lot of things happen in your head that might prompt you to do stupid things

Yes, the mind suggests these things, but you can’t give in. So, what are those things you can’t do after a breakup?

1. Drink to stupor

Especially for guys, nothing will seem more logical than going to drink your sorrow away.

But sadly we all know the sorrow will not go. It’ll be there, hugging you in the chest when you wake up the morning after. And of course, it’ll come with its friend – Mr. Hangover.

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