South Sudanese beauty whose dowry is 520 cows and three V8 cars becomes ‘hot cake’

The beauty of a 17-year-old teenager from Awerial in former Lake State in South Sudan has gone far and wide with prominent tycoons lining up to win her hand in marriage in an epic competition.

By close of business on Thursday, October 25, six men had visited the family of Nyalong Ngong Deng with various proposals; one suitor is leading the pack with 520 heifers and three Toyota V8 cars.

Among the competitors is the former commissioner of Awerial and the current Deputy Governor of Eastern Lakes State among other who is who in the Africa’s youngest independent state.

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The news that Kok Alat is the leading suitor did not come as a surprise to those who know him as a tycoon with vast interest in different businesses in East African nations.

Word on the street is that there are two more men willing to pay higher prices should they get accepted by the damsel’s parents.

In Yirol community culture, any man willing to marry must convince the girl’s family he has the desired qualities which include ability to take care of their daughter.

It is from here that contestants are carefully ‘auditioned’ before letting them battle it out in a long search for the lucky son-in-law able to meet dowry terms.

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