Top 12 Countries With The Most Hottest Women In The World [+Photos]

Countries With The Most Hottest Women – Vacations are both amazing and stressful. When planning a trip, you tend to think of several factors that go into the trip, such when you want to go, who you want to go with and of course where you want to go! When deciding on a new country, there are a lot of factors to consider; weather, food, sightseeing, safety and of course the level of hotness of the locals around them.

If you are looking to visit a country, and the level of hotness of the locals is a concern for you, then this article is for you.

The world is a big place, filled with a lot of people – 7.4 billion to be precise. We have done our research and we have come up with the 12 countries that we believe house the sexiest people, both men and women. Although every country has some beautiful people, some countries are just known for their good looking residents. We’ve also tracked down 12 celebrities that represent their country well in regards to the level of attractiveness. From North America to South America and of course Europe, the next countries are located all around the world.

These truly are 12 of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

12. Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia known for its breathtaking islands, incredible hospitality and of course beautiful people. Philippines, has the second most wins in “The Big Four International Beauty Pageants”. Filipina women are not only beautiful, but they are sweet, family oriented, compassionate and most of them possess good values.

Philippines is a gorgeous place with even more gorgeous people. Some of the best known Filipino heartbreakers are Vanessa Hudgens, Dave Bautista, Nicole Scherzinger and Nicole Gale Anderson. With hot celebrities like this, it is no wonder why the Philippines made this list.

It is clear that people of Filipino descent have an exotic and natural look to them. Their dark features and petite physiques are common looks for people of this country.

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