Video of two people having sex behind a tent at a packed racecourse goes viral

Shocking footage of a woman and man having sex behind a tent at a packed racecourse event has gone viral. In the X-rated video, 22-year-old Marissa Sonkur, from Hawick, Roxburghshire is seen getting really intimate with an unknown male.

The pair were at the Kelso Racecourse in Scotland and it was packed full with racegoers when they both went behind a beer tent, probably for a bit of privacy, but they were filmed and the sex tape was shared online, leaving Marissa mortified.

A friend said that after the hairdresser saw the video, she couldn’t face her parents and had to stay with friends for a week. It was so bad that her grandma even heard about the video.

Marissa, who also works with Scottish Borders Council, admitted her action was wrong after hearing of the sex tape. “It’s not the classiest thing I’ve ever done,” she told her friends.

According to online reports, one of her friends said: “Marissa ended up staying with a friend for a week because she couldn’t face her parents after it got out. It wasn’t just a one-time thing – she has been seeing the guy for a while. Everyone had a few drinks and then they left the tent together to get some privacy.”

The friend added: “But we think one of his pals followed them and recorded part of it without their knowledge. Everyone has seen it and her whole family know about the video, even her gran. She was totally gutted. She knows she was kind of in the wrong but this person should never have filmed it – it’s creepy.”

The identity of Marissa’s partner in the video has not been revealed. It is believed Marissa reported the incident to cops but no official complaint was lodged.

Another friend revealed;

 “The person who filmed it has put it in a group chat with all the boys including the boy in the video. He posted it in there hoping it would just stay with the boys but then it’s obviously got around the next day. It ended up on Facebook a few days later and that’s when she decided she needed to go to the police but she’s not planning to take it any further – she just wants to forget about it now. People don’t realise what something like this can do to someone’s life. It has affected her a lot, she’s been feeling low since it happened.

“She’s lost a lot of confidence and has missed out on a few local events because she knows everyone there will be talking about her. Marissa is a thick-skinned person so she’ll get through it. She’s even managed to make light of it by saying at least she doesn’t look fat in the video or at least she wasn’t totally butt-naked in it. She hasn’t been able to bring herself to watch the video. She just wants to put it.

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