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Are You A ‘One Minute Man’ In Bed? 5 Tips To Help You Last LONGER

What is Early Ejaculation, or EE? It was formally referred to as Premature Ejaculation or PE; it sent negative messages, so it is now considered passe. I prefer to say early or rapid ejaculation.

According to statistics from a variety of sources, EE affects between 30-70 percent of men, topping the list of sexual dysfunctions or complaints. It is by far the most common sexual complaint of men under 40.

Ready for the really bad news? When you have EE, you also likely suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or ED — losing your erection because you came too quickly to sustain penetration during sex. EE often contributes to a lack of female orgasm, as some women really do need for you to be inside of them for more than a few thrusts, and finally, a cycle of failure.

If you get caught in the loop of worrying that you won’t be able to sustain your erection (and then you don’t), you may eventually lose your interest in sex.

These are the common causes of Early Ejaculation:

Bad habits. What you do as a child/teenager — “I’ve got to get this done quickly or Mom will walk in on me” — often fabricates your adult masturbatory pattern, which can last or translate into partner sex.
Performance anxiety. You fear and worry. Saying, “Am I going to lose it again before my partner wants me to?” or, “Can I please my partner?” are the worry signs. Stop thinking about what may go wrong. Stop judging yourself.
Over-excitement. Too much stimulation and pleasure can lead to quick pops. This is especially true if you are not having frequent (enough) partner sex. The less you are sexual with your partner, the more excited you become when you are inside your partner, and the quicker you pop. It becomes too much to sustain the pleasurable sensations.
Lack of good sex skills (lousy lover). Your inability to please her leads to relying on penetrative sex. This puts more pressure than ever on you being able to control your orgasms and ejaculations.
You’re Type A and rush everything. “How you do anything is how you do everything!” said T. Harv Eker, motivational speaker and leader of the Millionaire Mind seminars.

So, what can you do about Early Ejaculation and learn how to last longer in bed?

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