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Best way to propose to your bae – and get a yes!

When you think of proposing to the woman of your dreams, beautiful ideas and images and inspirations fill your mind, don’t they?

Proposing on the beach at dusk or dawn sounds great. So does a proposal at your favourite holiday spot in some sun drenched part of the world. It is cool to also make a proposal montage filled with highlights of your relationship in your relationship.

It is also OK to get on a bent knee at her favourite artiste’s concert or at her church. You could even get a flashmob, do it at the beach, and all the other proposal stunts that we’re familiar with by now but the most important rule in the book, which many never seem to pay more attention to is the preference of the other person.

But if you are going to propose in a way that really counts, that will make your boo not just momentarily excited but also to always look back fondly and treasure the memory for life, here are the two most important things to really put into consideration.

Make your proposal count – do it in a way your girl likes.

What does she like?

The decision to ask for your partner’s hands in marriage will not just occur to you overnight. It’s a whole process that must have begun in the course of your relationship, culminating in the very moment when you look at her and become certain for a fact that this the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you have not found out earlier, then from the period when you get that conviction in your heart, you need to find out what her dream proposal is. Of course you should not ask her outrightly, you should know how to codedly get the information from her without having her suspecting anything. It may be an uneasy thing asking these things without rousing her suspicions, but it is what must be done.

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And here is why it is important to know, if she likes a quiet, intimate proposal then it is a bit insensitive to go get a flashmob to propose in the middle of a mall. Don;t give a babe who favours an intimate proposal a public proposal.

Bottom line is; make sure that you are playing by her rules when you are proposing to her. It’s all about her. When she doesn’t have any particular preference, however, feel free to blow her mind how you please.

That surprise element is very needed if your proposal will count and be memorable for life.

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