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Brace Yourself: 7 Hard-To-Hear Reasons Why You’re REALLY Single

No, it’s not because you’re ‘too nice.’

I can’t name how many guys out there have whined to me about their single status. I’m not sure why, but I seem to attract guys who can’t figure out why they’re still alone. Well, actually, in their minds, they know why they’re single: it’s because they’re too nice.

Yes, that’s what they believe. They really think they were too nice.

How do I know this? I know they came to this conclusion because they say so, in Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, and even to my face. This conclusion is often followed by a newly minted vow about how they’re going to “be assh*les” from now on because they suddenly realized that “girls only like jerks.”

Guys, speaking as someone who was born female, I feel I need to rectify your beliefs. You see, being too nice is possible. But the problem with it is that it tends to attract people who are looking to use you.

Users will want to be around you, if only because you’re willing to pay for a fancy dinner date. They will want to be with you because you provide something. Make no mistake about it, being a doormat will get people around you — just the wrong people.

If you’re not attracting anyone and are asking yourself, “Why am I still single?” your problem isn’t that you’re too nice. Rather than it being that you’re too nice, chances are that the reason you’re single is probably for one of the following reasons…

1. You probably don’t have much to offer in a long-term relationship.

No one wants to be in a relationship with “dead weight.” If the person you’re approaching would have to financially support you, do all the housework, do all the romancing, and also be your entire world, they will back away.

At that point, there’s not much reason why the person you’re approaching wouldn’t want to just get a pet or a baby instead. They want you to contribute, too!

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