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Cardi B Might Be A One Hit Wonder Like Iggy Azalea -Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams says though Cardi B has made history, she may be a one hit wonder like Iggy Azalea.Speaking on Hot Topics,she said

Cardi B congratulations.So Cardi B whose been here on our show.I like this girl,i rellay like her.Just made history to be the first solo female rapper in 19 years to top the Billboard 100.Lauryn Hill was the last star to do this.There was no Nicki Minaj in there. Cardi B jumped Taylor Swift from the NO 1 spot.
The reality of the music business is,she might be a one hit wonder like Iggy Azalea.I don”t know whether Cardi B will have staying power.Nicki Minaj has diversified .I don”t know that Cardi B has that, the future will unfold.

On Nicki congratulating her,she said

Nicki usually doesn’t congratulate any girls,so I’m thinking maybe Nicki’s account was hacked by her publicist or something.



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