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15 Celebrities Who Died Right In Front Of Their Fans [+Photos]


Celebrities Who Died Right In Front Of Their Fans – The hardest thing to write about is death. It is hard not to let it get to you, and to readers we are sure that it can be hard to read about it as well. Regardless, the topic still fascinates us. It’s interesting that no matter how much death occurs in the world on a daily basis, it is usually a celebrity death that affects people the most.

That celebrity could be local, national or international. It does not matter. We may read about genocide in some far off country, but until the television brings back images and stories of the individuals that died, many of us turn a blind eye. People seem to sympathize with celebrities, as they become attached to them, especially the celebrity’s loyal fans who might feel a stronger bond with them.

When the death is unexpected and comes too soon it becomes much harder. Many people say that a good death is one in which the person passes away doing what they loved the most. Logically it might not make a big difference to the person who died suddenly, but perhaps this is a comforting thought to the survivors. In the case of the deaths listed here, it might also be a comforting thought to the fans in attendance who witnessed the tragedy. Every death here was unexpected, a freak accident, or something that no one believed could happen. Each one occurred live in front of an audience, not in a rehearsal and not in a closed environment when a show was being recorded. Keep in mind that not every celebrity on this list is huge, many are local, but each celebrity listed had loyal fans who loved them when they were witnessing the tragedy.

15. Jane Dornacker: October 22, 1986


Apparently being a traffic reporter in the biggest city in the USA can be a dangerous job. The 40 year old traffic reporter had already survived a helicopter crash earlier that year when she managed to swim to safety. On this Autumn day, she was not so lucky. On the afternoon drive home, Jane was reporting on WNBC Radio as she usually did when out of nowhere, the radio listeners heard her scream ‘Hit the Water! Hit the Water!’.

There were two witnesses to the crash. They reported that the engine appeared to stop, and the helicopter started dropping in a ”tail dive”. The traffic reporter was found unconscious in the water when she was found by paramedics. Three and a half hours later she died in the hospital. The cause of death was drowning. The pilot was still alive, according to the NY Times article which appeared the following day.

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