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Crazy Things Love Will Make You Do, But Considered Dangerous

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Love makes the world go round, but its accompanying emotions can knock your brain for a loop and cause you to do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do — shouldn’t do, in fact.

Rest assured, sooner or later those who break their necks falling head over heels in love realise what a jerk they’ve been — all in the name of love — and have to deal with the consequences.

Love is great, don’t get me wrong, but we need to keep the emotion in check when it comes to making serious decisions.  Deciding, for instance, to give up a career opportunity you’ve spent years working toward because you are in “loooooove” is almost certainly going to lead to future regret.

Here are some of the crazy things we do when we’re in love.  If you’ve done any of these things or are thinking about doing any of them, ask yourself if you have a proper balance of love and logic in your life.

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You don’t eat enough, or at all, when you’re with them. 

My fellow ladies are definitely guilty of this one more than the guys.  You’re so afraid of looking like a glutton in front of your boyfriend that you forego eating like you normally would.  But what happened to common sense?  You need to eat, and you need to get your proper nutrition.  And guess what?  The guy you’re with needs to eat and get his proper nutrition, too.  If this is really love, ask yourself if he’s going to fall out of it with you because he thinks you eat too much.  Ask yourself if you’re going to eat less or not at all for the rest of your life should this love lead to marriage.
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