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Erotic Story: Maria and Her Boss – S*xual Experience of a Worker and Her Office CEO

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience of a worker and her office boss well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)

Maria fidgeted slightly on her seat beside her boss as they drove to the hotel they booked some days back.
He was not paying attention to her. He never did when it came to business. He usually preferred Maria accompany him to these trips.
At first, she was nervous, thinking that he, like most men, probably saw this as an opportunity to make passes at her. But after a few trips where he kept his hands to himself, she had come to realise that he preferred her because she was sharper and better at talking to clients.
She had long gotten over any fear that he might be interested in her in a s*xual way. She felt bad that she once suspected him to be but who can blame her? With all the stories one heard these days, every man should be watched very carefully.
On this particular trip, though, she was nervous. Her boyfriend was the reason. They had been dating for over a year and at first, he seemed to believe her whenever she said these trips were innocent. But lately, whenever she packed her bag to leave with her boss, her boyfriend, Luke, would sulk and huff.
Normally, she just ignored him, knowing that once she returned, he would be more amenable. But while she was preparing for this trip, he did more than huff silently. He demanded that she not go. When she tried to plead with him and explain just as she did every trip, he turned a deaf ear.
She sighed, determined to make it up to him when she returned. She was even hoping to speak to her boss about cutting down on the trips, maybe that could make things better.
They arrived at the hotel and her boss pointed her to her room while he entered his which was just opposite hers. They always stayed in different rooms during these trips so this was no surprise. She settled on the bed and was about to get out her clothes for the next day when her phone beeped.
She checked and saw there was a message from Luke. She opened it and sat down in shock. He had broken up with her via text. He never wanted to see her again, he said. He accused her of being untrustworthy and ungrateful for his love.
Mariam could not believe what she was reading. She immediately tried to call him but he did not pick up. She composed a text to apologise but he ignored. She then broke down in tears. She must have been crying, phone in hand for nearly an hour until there was a knock on her door.
Her boss called out that they needed to discuss strategies before their meeting the next day. She ignored him. It was because of this boss and this job that her life was over. She wanted to simply drop everything and go home to her man.
She was considering just that when her boss opened the door. She looked up, startled. How could she have forgotten to lock the door? He was asking her why she did not answer when he halted. He noticed her swollen face and tear-filled eyes. Watching her with concern, he came to sit beside her.
“What’s wrong?” he asked. She did not answer. She was too overcome with emotion. She tried to control herself but it was not working. Then her boss did something that shocked her out of her misery. He hugged her. She stilled for a second but soon gave in to the kindness.
Her heart was breaking and she appreciated any form of comfort. When he leant back, she had no clue why she did it. Her need for comfort and affection must have taken over her because she leant up and her lips met his. He pulled back in surprise but after taking in her pitiful countenance, he held on to her and kissed her back.
He gently laid her on the bed. While still kissing her, he slid one hand underneath her shirt to caress her breasts. She moaned, letting the good feeling take over her. She was no longer thinking of her boyfriend, or was it her ex-boyfriend? Her boss’ hands on her had cleared her mind. When he rubbed her stomach and began to kiss her neck, she knew this was what she wanted.
She could feel his hesitation but she took his hand and guided it underneath her skirt. He took initiative from there. He found her lacy panties and cupped her p*ssy through them. She writhed against him and moaned even louder when he pushed the panties aside and slid in two fingers through the side.
His erection was poking at her side. He then began to undress her. When she was n*ked, he removed his trousers and shorts. As soon as his d*ck was unleashed, Mariam straddled him. She took his d*ck and guided him inside her. Within minutes, she was moving up and down while also gyrating around him, his cock snugly enveloped in her p*ssy.
She grinded against him as his hand teased her clit. She cried out as orgasms after orgasms escaped her. She had never experience pleasure like this before. He was not her boss. She was not his subordinate. They were simply man and woman, pleasing each other, doing what man and woman do.
Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back in pleasure. She f*cked him until she ran out of energy, then he straddled her and drove them over the finish line.
He leant down and kissed her again as he came. She held on to him. She could not believe they were just doing this now. She hoped they would do this again.
She might as well. She was a single girl now.



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