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Erotic Story: Nurse Laide Offers Her ‘Service’

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)
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He hated the night shifts. He was the on-call doctor three times a week at the hospital where he worked. Normally, Bolu liked his job but the night shift could be quite dull. Except for the emergencies that came about every once in a while, there was not much to do.
Bolu was usually on the shift with two other nurses. Most of the nurses in the hospital were either married or simply uninterested in him. There was one he terribly wanted, though but she had always turned down his advances.
Nurse Laide was young and very pretty. She had only been working in the hospital for over a month. She started, Bolu and Laide had not really had a night shift that collided. Sometimes, he wondered if this was on purpose because it was no news that he was very interested in the hot young nurse.
Whichever the case, though, one Wednesday night, he got his chance. Something came up with one of the nurses that were supposed to be on the shift with him and she asked Laide to switch with her.
This meant Laide was going to spend the night at the hospital with him. Bolu was elated when he found out. The first couple of hours, he said nothing to her. In fact, he pretended she did not exist so that she can let her guard down.
At sometime almost midnight, he rang for her to come and see him. She walked in a few seconds later, her white uniform hugging her body so enticingly. He got up from his chair and walked on over to her. He gave her one the usual smiles he saved only for when he made moves like this. He bent his head to kiss her but she pushed against him, reiterating that she was uninterested.
Despite her words, Bolu noticed that she was not making any move to walk away when he left her for a second. He moved towards her again, this time, wrapping his hands around her ass. Again she pushed but he did not give in. He maintained his stance, dipped his head and claimed his mouth.
She fought against him for a few seconds but as his hands slipped underneath her uniform and groped through her panties, she opened her mouth and kissed him back. He groaned in relief and excitement. He pulled her dress up to her waist and lifted and settled her on his desk. He slid his hand between her legs and groped through her panties until he found her p*ssy. He slipped in a finger then two and kept pumping in and out until she cried out as she came.
As Bolu released his c*ck, he wondered why she had been playing hard to get since when she knew she wanted this too. She spread her legs happily as moaned as he entered her.
She clenched her p*ssy around him and he began pounding her, in and out. She wrapped her hands around him and was nearly screaming as he f*cked her. His d*ck was so deep that he could feel the tip scraping against her cervix and she seemed to like that, pushing forward for more.
He felt the familiar tightening in his balls and knew he was about to let go. Holding her tighter against him, he took her mouth again in a deep kiss and moaned into it as he came. She tightened around him, draining him until he was spent.
They adjusted their clothing a while later and Laide said nothing to him before she left his office. The games these women play, he thought, as he returned to take a seat on his chair.
Credits: Hot Pulse



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