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GUYS: 5 Reasons Why A Taurus Woman Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else

Taurus Woman

Why A Taurus Woman Will Love You Better – They are stubborn, but well worth the effort. When you think of the Taurus zodiac sign, what comes to mind first? Is it their reliability and devotion to those close to them, or their practical nature that brings you back to earth when you become too unrealistic? Or maybe it’s that they embody a bull with their stubborn nature and possessiveness?

Despite their negative qualities, Taurus really do make the best partners. Not only are they straight-up, but they are trustworthy to a fault. Here are five additional reasons why a Taurus will love you like nobody else.

1. They are loyal

I’ll be frank: Taureans aren’t cheaters. They are loyal. They stick by your side and won’t ever do anything to intentionally hurt you. Cheating is not what they’re about.

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