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Here are 3 reasons why your man is unemotional

Many times in relationships where there’s meant to be emotional exchanges, women meet brickwalls with men who can neither process how they really feel or express them properly.

It’s either he is refusing to even acknowledge it at all, or trying hard to hold back the things he’s feeling, these could be the reasons why:

1. He fears you won’t reciprocate

If it’s at the early stage where you are only just befriending each other, a man could be forming hard guy, clamping down on his feelings for you in an attempt to a get a little more clarity. He’ll first want to be sure that you like him back or that there is, at least, the possibility that you can be convinced with a little more wooing and show of affection.

Until he gets a clear green light or feels that the odds of getting you favour him, he may continue to keep a lid on how he truly feels.

If he’s not sure his affection will be reciprocated, he may keep hiding how he feels.

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