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Here are 5 Questions to Test the Strength of Your Relationship

Romantic relationships are strewn with obstacles. There are always good times and bad times between two people who love each other. The most difficult thing is to maintain the flame that united you 5 or 10 years after your meeting. Some end up content with monotony, others still seek to save the essential.

To test the strength of your relationship, ask yourself these questions below

1-Am I becoming a better person?

We can not compare the influence of the environment to that of the partner. The partner has 80% influence over us. If after 6 months or 3 years, you have changed an attitude or behavior is good sign.

2-What did I bring the best to my spouse?

And yes, vice versa, as much as the partner influences you, you should bring him something more. The other is not this malleable paste that we would like it to be, subject to our desires. But there is always room for concessions.

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