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Here’s What to do with an ex that just won’t go away

Maybe not many people have experienced it, but having an ex who simply won’t let go is a worrisome relationship reality.

While breakups and trying to restart with someone else are already difficult enough, having a partner who does not want to accept that it’s over is an added stress no one needs. Yet, people have had to deal with this struggle.

If you ever find yourself stuck with the problem of an ex who just refuses to get out of the picture, here are five tips for you to overcome the dilemma.

1. Use that block button

After a breakup many times, people have been known to avoid the other person in order to get the required space to truly move on. But in a crazy situation with an ex that refuses to let go, it is not enough to cut off face-to-face contact, you have to use that block button.

Get rid of them on all your social media channels. It is one step to remaining blissfully oblivious of whatever rant or emotional purge or trash they may have to say on social media.

Some partners never want to admit that it is over, no matter how hard you try to shake them off.

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