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How To Date Two Women At Once

Dating tips often tell you how to get a date, or how to flirt with a girl, but what if you want to go out with more than one woman at a time? Here’s how!

Dating two women at once can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you handle the situation. There are a lot of guys out there that simply do not know how to date one woman, let alone two women at a time. There can be significant advantages to dating to her more women at once, however, you must be prepared in the must know how to keep both of these women separated from each other.

If you ever get found out, it could be the end of both relationships. Hiding one woman from another should not be something that lasts a very long time. A lot of guys date 2 to 3 women at a time until they figure out who they like most, and then they make a decision to engage in a long-term relationship with that woman. If you are currently dating to women in your finding increasingly difficult to separate your life with them, here are some tips.


1. Separate Them In Your Mind

Let’s start out by saying that you’re dating two women, Julie and Danielle. Julie is kind of a sporty girl while Danielle is more of a sophisticated girl. While these two women are probably very easy to distinguish in your mind, it won’t always be this easy. If you have two girls that are fairly similar is very easy to get their hometowns, parents names, interests or job titles mixed up.

Before you ever go out on a date with one of them, right down exactly what they do, where they live, any names that are associated with them and where you had your last date with them. Writing this information down will keep it fresh in your mind for when you go on a date. One of the easiest ways to use this method is to put the information into your phone after the first date so you have notes that you can refer to the next time you go out.

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