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How To Play With HIS Nipples

Playing with a man’s nipples might seem like a very strange thing to do in the bedroom, but there are a lot of guys that love this. The nipple is a very common erogenous zone on the female and male body. Knowing how to properly kiss, touch and such on his nipples can be something that sets you apart from all of his past lovers. Much like other body parts, nipples come in different sizes and shapes. If your boyfriend or husband wants you to play with his nipples you need to know how to do it the right way. Here is a short guide to help you along.


Sensitivity In The Nipples

A man’s nipple is much like a woman’s. There are going to be varying degrees of sensitivity in his nipples that will affect the amount of pleasure and pain that he feels. When you are to use this during sex you need to know what kind of sensitivity he has and how you can use this to your advantage. Some guys are really into rough sex so making it hurt a little could be a turn on. When you are rubbing or sucking on his nipples, don’t be afraid to get a little rough. See how he reacts when you take this type of approach. Smaller nipples are going to be a little more sensitive than larger ones so make sure that you are careful if your guy has a smaller set.


Ask Him What He Likes

There is no greater way to find out what he likes than to actually ask what he likes. Asking your man how he likes his nipples to be played with might take a little of the mystery out of the equation, but you’re taking the shortest route to finding out what he likes and how you can really turn him. Ask him to get specific when he tells you. Guys might be a little nervous at first, but encourage him that you’re not going to judge what he likes. Some men find it a little effeminate to talk about getting their nipples played with, but creating a comfortable environment without judgment should bring him out of his shell. Taking the time to make him more comfortable with you and what he wants is going to bring you both closer together.

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